It seems like every day we read an article on the latest Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, or a new abortion ban. You’ll be grumbling at the headlines and the infuriating content of these articles. Thankfully, the MAGA Movement is doing its part.

Only the MAGA Movement could have ended Roe v. Wade’s atrocities. Its supporters are saying that the conservative movement’s failure to pass the sweeping laws in favor of abortion was what led to the recent Supreme Court decision. But the mainstream pro-choice movement has largely ignored the criminalization of pregnancy and the inadequacy of Roe. Although former Vice President Joe Biden campaigned on making Roe “law of the land,” he was ultimately unsuccessful in his quest.

Many pro-choice activists accepted the loss in abortion access in conservative States before Roe, and hoped that the thousands facing arrest after a pregnancy would be a few exceptions.

The MAGA Movement has long argued that the MAGA Movement is the answer to the abortion ban and should be the next big issue. In a poll conducted by CNN, seventy percent of respondents support the right to abortion. Only 20% support banning abortion, and only 20% say it should be restricted.

In fact, the majority of Americans believe that the right to abortion is protected by the Constitution.